Lunarbaboon's Parenting is Easy Game & Anxiety Troll Plush

Created by Golden Bell Studios

Lunarbaboon returns for a 3rd time on Kickstarter with a Board Game, Anxiety Troll Plush, Book & Comics to make parenting a lot easier!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Anxiety Trolls Getting Ready for Shipment
over 3 years ago – Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 02:41:06 PM

After a much longer than expected month, the Trolls are FINALLY done! There was a slight issue that is now corrected. The Anxiety Troll hang tags were printed incorrectly and had to be reprinted as we wouldn't accept anything less than perfect for you, the backers! Due to this, we are ultra tight and squeezed to get this out before CNY (the factory takes off starting in about a week or so).  We will do our best but if we miss the freight deadline at the port in China, the plush will go out at the end of February and arrive in March, rather than arriving in February. Not the worst delay, considering they are ahead of schedule, but one nonetheless we are less than thrilled about.  Just thought we'd share the status of everything with the plush and show some pictures of what's going on with them!

OH! Also, one more thing! Marc's brother has been working on a really cool technology project for the past several years with the guidance of his whole family. It's his first project out of college, and thought you may all want to take a look at the smartest bag in existence! Better yet, our very own Rachel Korsen did the logo design so be sure to check that one out!

Check out SkyValet here:

Thanks again, all! In the next update or the one after that we'll have a more finalized draft of the book to show you. We've been working hard on finalizing the narrative for the ABC's of Parenting, and Chris is nearly done with the Cover for the Lunarbaboon Deluxe Comics!

Best Regards,

Marc, Rachel, Rob and of course Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady

Shipping Date Confirmed for Anxiety Troll + Welcome the Marshfellows
over 3 years ago – Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 11:27:55 PM

Merry Christmas all you Baboons!

We just spoke with the Factory and we have a scheduled ocean freight date for January 25 the day before the Factory leaves for CNY. So fingers crossed that we are super ahead of schedule. Remember if anyone is interested in separating their shipment from the game (or books) to get their plush early just send an email!

In other news, one of our Stuffimals has just hit #2 on Amazon in the Plush Category! With your help we know that we can claim the #1 spot for Best Holiday Plush of 2018! Check out this cutie to add to your collection, and remember...The Marshfellows have just been S'MORED by the Graham Cracker Kingdom! Help adopt a huggable soft plush today!

Order today with FREE Shipping for this Award Winning Plush
Order today with FREE Shipping for this Award Winning Plush

Thanks again for all your support! Here's the Amazon Link for those that want to get their very own Marshfellows before they've all found the best homes they could have wished for:

Best Wishes,
Golden Bell Studios

Lunarbaboon's Anxiety Troll Plush Production Wrapping Up!
over 3 years ago – Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 01:52:12 PM

Hey all you Baboons!

We just got a picture from the factory that all the embroidery and stitching has been completd for the Anxiety Troll. They are in the process of stuffing all the trolls to make them extra plush! Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure. It's not too late to still get your Anxiety Troll plush (or one for a friend) on BackerKit at:

Sooooo many trolls!
Sooooo many trolls!

 And if you're looking for another cool game on Kickstarter...FOUR launched a week or so ago and is a really fun Uno style party game for the whole family. Will you be the first of your friends to get to Level Four or will you live on wishing and just having FOMO?!

Now on Kickstarter!
Now on Kickstarter!

Get your copy today at:

Thanks again everyone! We'll keep you all posted as Production Wraps up for the Troll!

Anxiety Troll Production Pictures + Garfield!
over 3 years ago – Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 09:48:18 PM

Hey all!

We just received some production pictures from the factory that we wanted to share with you! These will most likely be coming earlier than the game and the book as we are WAYYYY ahead of schedule. If anyone would like to arrange shipping and to separate their orders please send us a private message or email

Hope those didn't scare you too much and give you any anxiety! 

In other news, we only have a few days left of our Garfield campaign. We are VERY close to funding and hope you all can lend your support to the project. Here's a preview picture

 Check it out:

Thanks again, all! We'll probably have an update closer to the end of the year on the book and into the new year! The BackerKit is still open to purchase your favorite products from Lunarbaboon:

Best Regards,
Marc, Rachel, and Rob from Golden Bell Studios & Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady

Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Surprise Goal!
over 3 years ago – Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 09:25:47 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a little surprise goal for all of you, but first we wanted to share this amazing work of art from Underpants and Overbites!

Now that you've survived Thanksgiving, here's an update on the book and a surprise add-on for Parenting is Easy and the ABC's of Rob and I (Marc) have been writing more of the ABC's of Parenting and finessing some of the stretch goals, I had decided to go through all my old notes from when I first started talking to Chris. In those thousands of messages, ideas, and brainstorming sessions, I found an idea I had about having these cute wooden blocks as add-ons for kids with the Lunarbaboon characters' faces. Admittedly, we all had temporarily forgotten about it but realized that with the addition of the expansions and the stretch goals all being reached, we wanted to make a new add-on available. We have JUST added to Backerkit a JUMBO sized Wooden ABC Block that can be purchased as a stand alone for anyone to teach their kids the ABC's. On top of that, if we can hit 200,000 in BackerKit we may find a way to make a CUSTOM Wooden Jumbo Dice for the game rather than having a standard acrylic dice which we've all seen over and over again!

Here is a preview of the type of Wooden Blocks we're talking about.

NOT FINAL ART. This is just an example of the level of quality we're producing!
NOT FINAL ART. This is just an example of the level of quality we're producing!

Would love to hear feedback form everyone. If you'd like to get back in the BackerKit before we lock down orders by Cyber Monday you can log back into your order here:

Or if you'd rather create an entirely new pre-order rather tahn edit your existing pre-order from Kickstarter you can click here:

OH! And we also have pictures of the mass production of the trolls coming in so stay tuned in the next update for the trolls wrapping up. Now's a time to get your new favorite Plush as a gift for the holiday season!

Just one more thing...We also had a late review just come in from Critical Grind Gaming,"At Critical Grind we love to introduce as many games as we can to new gamers. We always look for games that are simple to teach and entertaining. Lunarbaboon and Golden Bell Studios provide that with Parenting is Easy. It has simple rules and quick play, yet is entertaining enough to capture anyone from novice to experienced gamers. The creators have used their own art style for a nice personal touch. The flavor text, on the other hand, is hilarious and a bit of a distraction. It was really hard for me to pay attention to the game. That's the best excuse I can come up with for losing to my wife. The scenarios they have come up with in the game are amazing but be warned, do not let you kids play this. Giving them these ideas will not be good for anyone. - Shaun Tennant - Critical Grind Gaming"

Thank you Shaun for that amazing review!

And with that we wish everyone a less than hectic Holiday Shopping Spreed :D

With Holiday Love From,
Marc, Rachel, and Rob of Golden Bell Studios & Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady