Lunarbaboon's Parenting is Easy Game & Anxiety Troll Plush

Created by Golden Bell Studios

Lunarbaboon returns for a 3rd time on Kickstarter with a Board Game, Anxiety Troll Plush, Book & Comics to make parenting a lot easier!

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Anxiety Trolls are Arriving + Locking Addresses + T-Shirts
about 1 month ago – Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 06:37:13 PM

Hi All!

The Anxiety Trolls have made their way to America! They will be offloaded from the ship at the port of New York within the next week, then it's going to make its way to the distribution center! In the next two weeks we will be locking the addresses for the Anxiety Troll ONLY. Other shipments such as the books and game will be shipped separately. If you want to pay an additional shipping charge for the Anxiety Troll to get it earlier than the rest of the products please contact to arrange this for you!

Update on the books. Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady just sent over the Lunarbaboon final files a couple weeks ago and now we are putting together the final touches on the Comics. We will be printing both the ABC's book and the Lunarbaboon comics together so please bear with us as we wrap this part up as quickly as we possibly can.

In the meantime, if anyone is super excited for more Lunarbaboon merch, we finally got approved to Amazon Merch to sell Lunarbaboon T-Shirts! Check them out right here!!!!

We will keep you all posted on everything else that is happening. We also created a Facebook group to have more of an ongoing discussion with all of our fans. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Marc, Rachel, and Rob of Golden Bell Studios & Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady

Trolls are on the way!
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 12:43:43 PM

Hey all you Baboons!

Chinese New Year is over and that means the Anxiety Troll plush is now on its way to America! All of them are packaged and are just awaiting to be picked up from the freight broker overseas! This past week we have been finalizing the InDesign file for the Deluxe Volume 1+2 of the Lunarbaboon comics. We will also be making a SPECIAL T-Shirt announcement in the next week so stay glued to your inboxes. We're currently at NYTF so we wanted to just write a brief update and keep you all in the loop of progress.

P.S. One of our good friends and designers at Shakos has just launched an AWESOME Kickstarter today that is blowing up, you won't want to miss this!

Thanks again, all!

ABC's of Parenting Bonus Surprises!
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 10:24:25 AM

Hey all you Baboons!

As promised, an update on the ABC's of Parenting!

We wanted to first thank all the backers for such valuable feedback on how to improve the book and think we've now come up with something truly special that will make The ABC's of Parenting really stand out and be used as a teaching tool for years to come, rather than just having it as a simple ABC reading book!

The first big change...we are going to be adding roughly 26 wooden ABC Blocks to the book. Thus, the book will now come packaged in a clear plastic wrapper with these 26 blocks. These blocks will be custom with Lunarbaboon illustrations. But what are these illustrations you ask? Well 2 of the 6 sides of the wooden block dice will be either the upper case letter for "A" or the lowercase letter of "a" for instance. The other 4 sides will consist of a "search and find" game mechanic where you will have to search for the image on that side of the block on a specific correlating page. We feel that this added gamification to the book will bring a new breath of fresh air to children's books and will be able to foster additional learning components!

Next, aside from adding an additional game to the ABC's of Parenting book, as well the blocks and such, we will also be rewriting the second page of each letter. Therefore, rather than having "A is for Art" on the left side of the page, and "a is for art" on the right side of the page, we will now have the left page have "A is for Art", while on the right side we will have a description of what Art means to us, for example "Art means paintings on the walls". We will be making sure to create an educational component where children can learn to associate letters with words, and words with picture, and be able to contrast the difference from perspectives in each of the double page spreads perspectives (children vs parent perspective).

Over the next couple of months we will be perfecting the prose and making sure it fits well with the audience. We will be sending over a draft of the book to you when it is done and see what everyone thinks. For now, please sound off in the comments and please let us know what you think of these changes!

In the meantime, we have been working on re-designing the Lunarbaboon Deluxe Volume 1 + 2 InDesign document and new Covers! The next update will be more focused on the Graphic Novel with the new cover to showcase. Currently Volume 1 is nearly put together and next up to the plate is Volume 2!

Thanks again for all your support! If you are loving what is going on with this campaign, one of our other designers is hosting a Kickstarter for a game and plush that you really won't want to miss! Check it out :)

Get your copy here:

Check out Big Blue!!!
Check out Big Blue!!!

Talk soon!

Anxiety Trolls Getting Ready for Shipment
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 02:41:06 PM

After a much longer than expected month, the Trolls are FINALLY done! There was a slight issue that is now corrected. The Anxiety Troll hang tags were printed incorrectly and had to be reprinted as we wouldn't accept anything less than perfect for you, the backers! Due to this, we are ultra tight and squeezed to get this out before CNY (the factory takes off starting in about a week or so).  We will do our best but if we miss the freight deadline at the port in China, the plush will go out at the end of February and arrive in March, rather than arriving in February. Not the worst delay, considering they are ahead of schedule, but one nonetheless we are less than thrilled about.  Just thought we'd share the status of everything with the plush and show some pictures of what's going on with them!

OH! Also, one more thing! Marc's brother has been working on a really cool technology project for the past several years with the guidance of his whole family. It's his first project out of college, and thought you may all want to take a look at the smartest bag in existence! Better yet, our very own Rachel Korsen did the logo design so be sure to check that one out!

Check out SkyValet here:

Thanks again, all! In the next update or the one after that we'll have a more finalized draft of the book to show you. We've been working hard on finalizing the narrative for the ABC's of Parenting, and Chris is nearly done with the Cover for the Lunarbaboon Deluxe Comics!

Best Regards,

Marc, Rachel, Rob and of course Chris "Lunarbaboon" Grady

Shipping Date Confirmed for Anxiety Troll + Welcome the Marshfellows
5 months ago – Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 11:27:55 PM

Merry Christmas all you Baboons!

We just spoke with the Factory and we have a scheduled ocean freight date for January 25 the day before the Factory leaves for CNY. So fingers crossed that we are super ahead of schedule. Remember if anyone is interested in separating their shipment from the game (or books) to get their plush early just send an email!

In other news, one of our Stuffimals has just hit #2 on Amazon in the Plush Category! With your help we know that we can claim the #1 spot for Best Holiday Plush of 2018! Check out this cutie to add to your collection, and remember...The Marshfellows have just been S'MORED by the Graham Cracker Kingdom! Help adopt a huggable soft plush today!

Order today with FREE Shipping for this Award Winning Plush
Order today with FREE Shipping for this Award Winning Plush

Thanks again for all your support! Here's the Amazon Link for those that want to get their very own Marshfellows before they've all found the best homes they could have wished for:

Best Wishes,
Golden Bell Studios